About Us
The Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce promotes the economic growth, development, and interests of more than 1.2 million Hispanics and 178,000 Hispanic-owned businesses across North Carolina. Together we contribute over 30% to North Carolina’s economy each year.


The mission of the Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce is to be the motivating force in educating, advocating, leading, and promoting current and future economic diversity and business and workforce development throughout our entrepreneurship and small business center, educational center, corporate Program, and Professional Program


I graduated from the Entrepreneurship and small business program. I am now running my business and expanding my cleaning services across North Carolina

Emilia Coronado Ow

My husband and I moved to North Carolina recently. Thanks to the chamber, we both found job opportunities and educational resources.

Manuela Diaz

My daughter was struggling at school. After contacting the chamber, we enrolled her in the educational center for the tutoring session and eased her classes!

Linda del Valle